Books Into Films

Books to Film: What Happened, What is Happening and What May Happen in the Future:

The only two adaptations of my work for film that I recommend are “Interview with the Vampire” directed by Neil Jordan; and the mini series, Feast of All Saints, made by Showtime. Both of these are available on DVD.

I had the privilege of writing the script for “Interview with the Vampire” and I greatly admire Neil Jordan’s direction of this film.

When Feast of All Saints was being filmed for Showtime, I visited the set, met the actors and actresses, and had many a conversation with the director Peter Medak, and the writer, John Wilder. It was a very rewarding experience.


With regard to The Witching Hour, we have come close to having a filmed version. The first time was with Warner Brothers in the early 1990’s, but this production was stopped by the studio when “Interview with the Vampire” went into production. Later on, we had considerable interest from NBC in making a mini-series of The Witching Hour for television, but after three scripts and many meetings, this production was scrapped as well. We were all very disappointed.

The film rights to Ramses the Damned were sold in the 1990’s amid very high expectations, but no film resulted.

With regard to Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt and Christ the Lord, The Road to Cana, we have had interest from film makers, but have not yet concluded a deal for a film. The fact that I am researching a third in the series also makes film plans difficult at this time. Perhaps when the series is complete we will see film adaptations.

With regard to the Vampire Chronicles, we have hopes for high quality films in the future, and as with so many of my books, my agents work constantly on possible film projects.

With regard to Cry to Heaven, we have been in film negotiations twice, but the outcome did not result in a film. The most promising news on this book is that a Broadway Opera may go into production very soon. The music and lyrics are absolutely beautiful. And I hope this work will be staged in the next couple of years.

When Violin was published, there was talk of a film, but no film was ever made.

Servant of the Bones was optioned once for a television series, but no series was made.


Please be assured that I personally want to see films based on all of these books, and once again let me state that my agents work constantly on possible film projects.

I love movies and always have, and it is something of an irony that as of now, only two faithful adaptations of my work have been done. Never have I stood in the way of a production. On the contrary, I have sought to be open in negotiations and in development. But film is a collaborative art form, and the author’s wishes do not often prevail. Even when an author works closely with the director, the writer or the actors, the author’s voice is only one of many. Those controlling the financing for a project can shut the production down. Sometimes those who decide the fate of a production have never read the author’s books, and have little or no idea as to what the books are about.

I remain optimistic. We will see high quality films based on the adventures of Lestat and his friends in the future. We will see a fine film some day of Ramses the Damned. The Mayfair Witches will have new life in film. The Christ the Lord books will some day make it to the screen. Angel Time, and the future adventures of Toby O’Dare, will make it to television or film.

When I have solid news of a new film based on any of my works, I will post it on this website.

Thank you,

Anne Rice.

July 10, 2009