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Updated 3/16/09

When e-mailing Anne, please be sure to use the subject line in your email or we may not be able to answer your letter. Please bear in mind that many questions about Anne's earlier works, and about her career as a writer, have been answered and discussed on the website. The volume of email makes it impossible for Anne to re-visit those topics as often as she would like. Anne is very interested in your personal response to Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt and Christ the Lord, the Road to Cana. She answers as many emails a day as she can. E-Mail Anne at
anneobrienrice@gmail.com. You are also invited to post comments in response to Anne's YouTube films at AnneRiceDotCom (Christian matters) and at AnneRicesite (the earlier works) on YouTube. Anne visits those comments and responds as often as she can. Anne also visits her many reviews on Amazon.com for comments to those reviews and responds when she can. (If you have not seen the new Comment feature on Amazon, please do check it out.)

When emailing Anne at anneobrienrice@gmail.com, please indicate whether or not we may publish your letter on this website. Also be sure to use the subject line or we may not be able to open the email.

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