Phone Message Transcript: October 4, 2000
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"Hello Guys, this is Anne Rice. It is October 2, 2000 and I have news about THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED. The movie has begun. They began principal photography today in Australia. And I have the names of the key crew members and cast members. I want to give that to you.

I got a very nice letter from Warner Bros. with this information. The young man who is playing the Vampire Lestat is Stuart Townsend. Jesse is going to be played by Marguerite Moreau. Akasha is played by Aaliyah. Maharet is played by Lena Olin. Marius is played by Vincent Perez. I don't know a whole lot about all of these people. I can tell you that Stuart Townsend is very highly praised for a stage production that he did in London. He got wonderful praise from the New Yorker Magazine. Also, one person I know, who saw the production, said he was fabulous. I don't, let's see, about the others, I do know about Vincent Perez. I have seen him in a wonderful movie called QUEEN MARGOT. He was absolutely terrific. I think he will make a very interesting Marius. I haven't seen Stuart Townsend, but from all I have heard, I think he will make a very interesting Lestat. If I knew more about the others, I would tell you. Oh, I have seen Lena Olin in a movie. She was very impressive. I have seen her in two movies. She has quite a presence.

Now, the only other information I have here that I want to pass on is that the director of photography is Ian Baker. The production designer is Graham "Grace" Walker and the costume designer is Angus Strathie. That is all I have right now.

The movie is definitely happening, there is no question about that. The cameras are apparently rolling. I can say now that I have seen some versions of the script - - over the last, I guess would be over the past two years now, but not quite. I have given comments back to Warner Bros. and frankly in my opinion, I think they have been sensitive to my views and I appreciate that very, very much. I didn't speak about that before because I felt that was confidential. That if you are looking at a script for a studio and the studio was asking you for your opinion, you were obligated to give your comments back in a professional way and not to make it public.

Let me say that I think they have worked very, very hard on the script and they have been very nice inquiring about my reactions to it. So, I am finally able to say all of that. And I am finally able to say that I hope this will be a wonderful production. I hope it will be fantastic and I hope that the actors will really capture the personalities of the characters in the books. That is really the extent of everything I know right now about it. The letter from Warner's doesn't mention the director, but the director was Michael Rymer and I am assuming that Michael Rymer is still the director. If I find out that it is not the case, I will pass that on in the days to come.

Please do leave me messages. I don't have any more recommendations right now or things that I want to share. Well, let me say again that the production of FEAST OF ALL SAINTS is going on in Toronto. We also have a television series in the works, but it is too early to say anything about it except that our last trip to Los Angeles was a very, very fruitful one. Fruitful - - worked out very well.

Okay, what else can I say. MERRICK will be published, as you know, on October 17. We are planning our big signing in New Orleans, at St. Elizabeth's. I think you know about that. Britton Trice's bookstore, Garden District Books, is selling the books for that signing. We are really trying to decorate St. Elizabeth's in a unique way. Our beloved Nancy Diamond, my sister-in-law, the person who runs St. Elizabeth's, is doing wonderful things setting up interesting displays, etc..

Okay, that is all my news for now. Please keep leaving me your wonderful messages. And thank you especially, for all of your messages about Christopher's book. Especially from those of you who have read the book and praised it. I appreciate it so much. You know how I feel about the book. I think Christopher has created a fantastic novel. He is out there now doing readings in different parts of the country and I am very, very proud of him.

So, I love you all. Take care, please. And leave me a message.

Anne Rice"