Phone Message Transcript: March 15, 2000
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"To my wonderful readers and all those who tune in to the website, or the phone line.

I do not have any new information about the development of the film, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, at Warner Brothers. I am not in direct contact with the studio. The best way for me to learn what is going on there is through the press or through your calls.

This is why I have not posted a message regarding the film.

I have heard that a young actor named Wes Bentley is in negotiations with Warners regarding the role of Lestat. But then, you know this. You all have been sending me messages about it because you have seen articles in the press.

I can tell you that I have seen Wes Bentley in AMERICAN BEAUTY and that I think he is a fabulous actor, a truly extraordinary actor. If he does become Lestat in a new film I believe he will bring great skill and depth to the role, just as Tom Cruise did in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

If you hear anything new about the Warner Bros. production of THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, please let me know.

Meantime I am here in New Orleans working intensely on a Vampire Chronicle which is the story of Marius. It will probably be published in 2001.

As for this year, I have a book called MERRICK coming out in the Fall. It is full of vampiric surprises.

I hope I will be able to do a signing in New Orleans, one in New York, and maybe one on the West Coast. I don't know yet. Thank you all so much for your patience.

I have no real news except that Mardi Gras was beautiful here. The date of Mardi Gras is not fixed as it hinges upon the movable feast of Easter. And Mardi Gras came so late this year that all the azaleas were in bloom. And the weather was lovely.

I took off work on the book to ride in the Orpheus Parade, and believe me, riding in a parade is a unique experience. I hope I will have the stamina to do it again next year. I am the Literary Muse of the Krewe of Orpheus and I just love it.

My love to all of you, and please forgive me for taking so long to post a message.

I am going back to work now. Marius commands me to do it.