Phone Message Transcript: Dec. 2, 1999
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"Hello Guys,

I think it is December 3rd, 1999 but I could be wrong. This is Anne Rice and this is a somewhat extemporaneous message, so bare with me. If I get cut off in the middle of this, I will just stop and you guys can still leave me a message after the beep. Okay, let me first of all say that I never tire of hearing from anyone, so don't ever think that I don't want your messages, or that I am bothered by you. I want your messages, I hear everything that you say to me. It is all transcribed for me when I cannot listen to it myself.

Now, the questions: Some of you have been asking about a book called ANGEL TIME, that I was supposed to have written, which was supposed to have been published. Well, let me explain. This book never got written. It was a book that I was planning to write at the time that I got sick with Diabetes I and it simply was never written. But unfortunately, material of mine got into one of the catalogs of my publisher in Canada and because of that word got out that ANGEL TIME was going to be released. I am very sorry about that. I am sorry that you were misled. I am very sorry about he misunderstanding. And I hope that sometime in the future ANGEL TIME will yet be created. It was a book with the Vampire Lestat and it is very much still alive in my mind.

Now, second question: What books have I written recently? I do have a book in with my publisher in New York, which I completed and it will be out next fall. They are holding it back for quite a while. I don't know exactly why. Scheduling is really done by the publisher, not me. It won't be out probably until October, I assume. Okay, that question is now answered.

I won't have a book this year. There is not much of the year left, I think you can see that. I just didn't get that book done in time for it to come out this year. That was due to my having Diabetes I, which is a fairly serious illness, but I am, by the way, in very good health, and I take very good care of myself.

Now, movie recommendations: My movie recommendation for the year continues to be THE SIXTH SENSE. It is the only movie that I have seen that I really feel strongly, is an absolutely marvelous movie. I think it is a classic. If you haven't seen it, go see it.

I do want to make a couple of TV recommendations about Mini-series' that I have seen on the A&E channel. One is PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, which I though was quite marvelous, and the other involves the HORATIO HORNBLOWER films, which I think are wonderful. They star a wonderful new actor named IOAN GRUFFUDD. He has a very unusual spelling and pronunciation to his name. He looks superb. And the whole thing is done with great spirit and great integrity. Do check it out. It is running on A&E.

Okay, let's see. Keep telling me, please, in your messages, how you feel about the character Marius. I am particularly interested in that question. I am interested in how you feel about the history in my books and I am also interested in how you feel about the art in my books. The discussion of painting and art, through the periods that take place in the VAMPIRE ARMAND and in VITTORIO THE VAMPIRE. How does all of that strike you? How does it move you? And keep telling me about characters that you want to know about and characters that you care about.

Okay, that is my message. Please leave me yours. I love you very much. It is very beautiful down here. We are having a warm winter and the flowers are still blooming and we are likely to have many days in the 70's - it's said. So, it is going to be a warm Christmas. I do love you with my whole heart and soul and I need you too. Bye-bye.

Anne Rice"