Phone Message Transcript: August 18, 1999
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"For the Website and for my phone callers:

Hello guys,

After a bleak summer of movie going, I have at last seen an absolutely splendid film which it is a pleasure to recommend. It is THE SIXTH SENSE starring Bruce Willis, and written and directed by M. Night Shaymalan. It is a supernatural story of remarkable power and depth.

First off, let me say that in my opinion, Bruce Willis has always been an exceptional actor. I remember noticing him in a short subject made for television long years ago, before he ever became a prime time or motion picture star.

In this exciting story, Willis's performance is extremely subtle and convincing as he responds to the dilemma of a little boy who seems to be living under the weight of a mysterious problem. We soon find out that the child, who delivers and extraordinarily fine performance, can see people who are dead.

The film is brilliantly photographed, and exquisitely lighted, and the soundtrack is used to excellent effect. These three elements, photography, lighting, and sound - - all combine marvelously to give the viewer grim but delicious shocks as we are drawn deeper and deeper into the world of the haunted little boy. This is horror film - making in the old fashioned mode, which really makes it timeless. Darkness and beauty have a rich psychological meaning here. You will enjoy the respite from roaring digital and special effects.

As for the elements of the story, to tell the plot of this film is to ruin it. But let me assure you, the story chills you and grips you throughout. Just when you think the film is going to present you with only one real surprise, the action deepens and there come other fascinating revelations, all leading to a climax which is a major shock.

You leave this film fully satisfied. You've seen something that is meaningful and finely constructed. You're awakening from a skillfully modulated mood. You'll want to see the film again. You'll want to take your friends to see this, delighting in their reactions to the stunning ingredients of the story which shocked you.

I trust that THE SIXTH SENSE will become something of a horror classic along with the film FLATLINERS, and THE EXORCIST. It has that kind of depth to it, that kind of art.

That's all for this week. Leave me a message after the beep.

With love to everyone,