Phone Message Transcript: May 6, 1999
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line, expanded for the web site]

"Hello, guys:

Thank you for your recent calls and comments. Gary and Jonathan, I appreciate your comments on Stan's poetry. His new book, THE RADIANCE OF PIGS, has just been published, and as always I derive inspiration from his poems. I sat down and read the book pretty much the way some one would read a novel.

Let me answer some questions that have come in on the phone line and on our web site WWW.ANNERICE.COM .

A caller named Claudia asks about the resurrection of Lestat from the earth by Marius. Claudia, the scene takes place in Cairo, and it occurs before Lestat actually meets Marius. Later, Lestat buries himself again and there is yet another resurrection.

The mother of a four year old child asks if I ever went through a difficult period when my son was young, a time perhaps when I couldn't write on a schedule. The answer is yes, most definitely. One of the great things about writing is that you can do it in any number of ways. And when my children were small, I definitely had to steal time, and I wrote in irregular outbursts. Somehow or other I made it work for me. A child's nap time, the time late at night - - were both good for me.

Another caller asks a philosophical question: how do I reconcile my liberal views with Christianity's definitions of good and evil? Actually I have no problem with it. Christianity as I understand it involves a very liberal definition of good and good behavior. The more I read the New Testament the more I understand that Christ was a radical. He befriended Samaritans when this was forbidden; he healed the sick on the Sabbath. He broke many rules. I do not see a great obliterating or frightening belief in Evil in the Gospels. On the contrary, I read a message of love being more important than custom, rule, or convention. But what could be more controversial than the Gospels. Whatever, I see them as endlessly fascinating.

David from Portland asks if I have ever noticed a similarity between vampirism and alcohol addiction. Yes, David, I do; and as a matter of fact, many readers have told me that they enjoy my books because the books have helped them during a detoxification period. I don't get much opportunity to talk with these readers in depth; but they indicate that they found value in the books, and also that the books provided a kind of escape. This was very encouraging to me.

Jonathan in Florida asks if I saw the recent X FILES about the writer in the room next to Scully, who was writing the episode as it happened, the writer who tries to take Scully's heart literally out of her body. I did see it, and I thought it was a rather marvelous X FILES. I have really enjoyed the show this season. I also loved the recent X FILES about the girl who was reliving the attempted bank robbery over and over again, along with everyone involved, including our beloved Scully and Mulder. I thought that was incredibly clever and well done. The X FILES and THE SOPRANOS are my favorite TV shows at this point. Unfortunately they were opposite each other, but that's where video taping comes in.

Jennifer in Chicago asked about the up and coming mini-series based on my book FEAST OF ALL SAINTS. Actually, it is SHOWTIME which is developing this, and when I last heard, the project was moving right along. The script I saw was absolutely marvelous. It was written by John Wilder and it was a faithful and brilliant adaptation of the book. We should be getting more news soon.

Some of you have asked about Warner Bros and their development of QUEEN OF THE DAMNED. I have no real contact with the studio and cannot have any influence with regard to the Vampire Chronicles. But if you want to contact some one there, let me recommend that you write or call directly to the president. His name is Terry Semel. I think you can get the Warner Bros proper address by calling them. Terry Semel is the man.

Let me add a little sad note. We can no longer have our house open for tours here in New Orleans. The city has asked us to stop. They say that it is a violation of zoning. So we can not extend an invitation to you to visit our home when you visit New Orleans. However, we understand and have accepted this. Please remember that St. Elizabeth's Orphanage at 1314 Napoleon is still open for tours. We ask a donation there which goes to the church. My doll collection is housed there and it is immense and really worth a visit. Also Stan's gallery of paintings will open there soon.

Regarding movies, I have finally seen ELIZABETH which so many of you recommended to me. I thought the film was dazzlingly good, just superb. I really loved it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks again to all of you for your messages. Keep giving me feed back on VITTORIO.


Tell me: whom do you want me to write about next? Don't give me any plot suggestions. Those would block me and kill me. Just tell me what characters you miss and want to hear about.

Signing off with Love,

Yours truly,