Phone Message Transcript: March 29, 1999
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line, expanded for the web site]

"Hello guys,

Thanks once more for all your messages. I appreciate your letting me know about cough remedies for my throat, but the problem is actually one of damaged vocal chords, which will have to heal themselves.

Let me recommend to you a movie I recently caught on TV. It's a few years old. It's out on video and easily obtainable. It's THE FUNERAL, directed by Abel Ferrara. As many of you know, I'm crazy about this director, Abel Ferrara, and am very fond of his movie BAD LIEUTENANT. Well, THE FUNERAL is also a masterpiece. The women in THE FUNERAL are very surprisingly interesting, which is not the case in most gangster films. Of course one can't label THE FUNERAL as a gangster film. It transcends any suggestion of genre. Christopher Walken stars in the film, and he and the entire cast are marvelous.

I also want to recommend again the new dramatic series on HBO called THE SOPRANOS. I've caught every episode of this show and I think it's one of the most innovative and high quality shows I've ever seen on TV. In the past few weeks, the show has gotten considerable coverage in the press. Apparently, it's wildly popular. I couldn't be happier for all the talent involved. This show has nothing to do with the supernatural. It's about the Mafia in New Jersey. It's incredibly rich and entertaining, with beautifully written scripts and an unforgettable cast. It's worth seeing no matter what you feel about the subject matter.

As some of you know, my new novel VITTORIO, has just come out. This is my second in the series of short vampire novels which began with PANDORA. I've enjoyed hearing your responses. I'd love to know what you think about the last third of the book.

Also, let me put a question to you. If you're up to answering I'm happy. What do you feel I have accomplished in my novels?

Thanks for leaving me a message or for just tuning in. I'll be back soon.