Phone Message Transcript: August 18, 1998
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"Okay this is August 18, 1998 and I would just like to say briefly that I stand firmly behind President Clinton. I think he's an outstanding President. I was very relieved to hear him take responsibility for his actions last night and I think he was right to be angry, very angry with the independent council, the independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr. I think Kenneth Starr has run a shameful persecution of the President. He's been in cahoots with people like Linda Tripp who tape records their own friends and use questionable wire taps. I'm disgusted that the independent prosecutor has driven the President to make a confession before the entire nation regarding his private life. Again, I stand behind President Clinton. I'm for him. I'm nauseated by the statements of Republicans who act as if this whole thing was President Clinton's fault when nothing could be further from the truth. It's the fault of the prosecutors. It's the fault of people like Paula Jones. It's the fault of people who have been trying to bring down this President since he took office. I stand behind him. I appreciate your comments and I appreciate your right to differ and I appreciate all your calls.

Thank you very much for calling and take care."