Phone Message Transcript: Apr. 30, 1998
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

" Hi guys, it's April 29, 1998 and if I get cut off you can still leave me a message at the beep. Sometimes the machine cuts me off. I wanted to tell you that St. Elizabeth's Orphanage, 1314 Napoleon Avenue, is now open from 11 to 3. We have our tours in place. We're asking for a donation that goes to the church but it's open 11 to 3 every day, except Mondays. This is a long time dream of mind that's finally come true. We have guides to show you through in small groups. Please, if you'd like to see St. Elizabeth's do come between 11 to 3. Again, it's 1314 Napoleon Avenue. It's a beautiful 1880's building and my doll collection is there and a great many of Stan's paintings are there and it's architecturally very interesting. We've just started this officially so there are a few kinks in the works and I hope you'll be patient.

Now, if you have a moment and you're my readers and you want to leave me a message, rate my books for me. Tell me which one you rate as your very very best favorite say and then second best and then third and then fourth and how every many you want to talk about. I would love to hear that.

I am working on a third vampire novel. As you all know, THE VAMPIRE ARMAND is done. It's coming out in the fall. PANDORA is out now, which is a vampire novel. I'm a little nervous about having three vampire novels in a row. There's a beautiful French word for this though. It's roman-fleuve and it means, it's f-l-e-u-v-e, and what it means is one novel that involves one character or a series of characters. It actually means several novels and that's what I think I'm doing. There's a great roman-fleuve about the vampires. Anyway, I thought that was very pretty. Stan gave me those French words.

I want to give you my love an I'm going to sign off now and leave me a message and do come to St. Elizabeth's if you can."