Phone Message Transcript: Apr. 2, 1998
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

" Hi, this is April 2, 1998 I only have time for a brief message. This is Anne Rice. I am jubilant that the Jones case was thrown out on summary judgment. I think this is wonderful for the President of the United States and right now I'm busy watching all of the media reactions. I think that the Right Wing's attempt to bring down this President has failed. I think Kenneth Starr should resign now. I think the judge's decision from Little Rock, as far as I've been able to tell, is a thoughtful, intelligent, very, very profound decision and she did it under incredible political pressure and she managed to keep her purity, her integrity and her legal objectivity and she made a brilliant decision. We need comments and thank you for your comments on PANDORA and I'll leave a better message later. I just have to go back and watch CNN right now. I'm too excited about what happened. It's too good for the country. Ms. Jones' case is over. "