Phone Message Transcript: October 28, 1997
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"October 28th, 1997. This is Anne Rice, and we're bearing down on Halloween. Our schedule for this weekend is as follows:

We have a signing at Bookstar on October 31st. It starts at 4:00 p.m. and I'm going to sign as long as I possibly can. There is a show that night at the Hard Rock Cafe for Cowboy Mouth, a new band that I am writing lyrics for. Cowboy Mouth has four CD's out on the MCA label, and the fact that they're setting my lyrics to music is tremendously exciting to me. I've wanted this for years and years. I've even thought of getting my own record label. Anyway, I'm going to go to the show but only if the books are all signed. I'm not leaving that book store until everybody gets what they wants, to the best of my ability or unless I collapse.

Then the next night, November 1st, the Vampire Lestat Fan Club has its Coven Ball, and the Coven Ball is at Tipitina's Warehouse on Howard Avenue. And they have their own numbers, and you can call them for information, and I'm sure a lot of you already have your tickets.

Now, on November 2nd, we have a concert Uptown at Trinity Church on Jackson and Coliseum Street. Trinity is a beautiful church. You can't miss it, and right now we're sold out, but I'm sure we'll have cancellations and we'll have extra tickets. And we will have a fire watch there, fireman, so that we can have kids sitting in the back and in the aisles, and we urge you to come. Leila Josefowicz is a world class violinist. She is absolutely fabulous and I've brought her down for this concert to introduce her to the readers and to introduce her to New Orleans. She's going to play from about 8:00 p.m. to about 10:00 p.m., and maybe even a little later. And Leila is a violinist I discovered while I was writing Violin, which is my new novel. And I fell in love with her music. She had a recording of Tchaikovsky. I'm been mentioning it to you all year, so if you call this line you probably know about it.

Now, speaking of, oh, let me finish on Leila. Leila has recorded a CD called Violin for Anne Rice, and it's a compilation of the Tchaikovsky, the Sibelius, I believe, the Bizet, Saint Saens. It's really good stuff, and if you haven't classical violin, you're going to love Leila, because she's really melodic and accessible. For those of you who love classical music, you know how delicious this is going to be. It's going to be like chocolate ice cream with whipped cream.

Anyway, I can't wait to see Leila. We were on Charlie Rose this last week and also we did a number of other shows. I want to thank you all for your calls about those shows. You were really nice to call. I wish I could mention all of the people who called. Gary from Knoxville, I heard from you; Andy in Montreal, I was very happy to hear from you a little while back - I was wondering how you were doing; Michael in Long Beach, it was wonderful to hear from you and to see you at the signing. There was just a whole bunch of you. I'm sorry, that was, there are two of you - Michael in Long Beach and Michael from San Diego. I love both of you and have seen both of you. I don't want to leave one of you out. And quite a few other people called from different places.

Oh, by the way, somebody called yesterday and recommended the film THE HORSEMAN ON THE ROOF. I have gotten it and I'm going to watch it. My angel staff people went out immediately and got the LD - the laser disc. We're buying up the last of the laser disc machines because laser discs are about to go obsolete and we have an incredible collection. I mean we really, truly love laser discs, and movies on laser disc.

Let me give you what other news I have. Jim Cameron is working on THE MUMMY. He's going to be turning it into a major motion picture. THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS is going to be made into a mini-series for Showtime--very happy about that. CRY TO HEAVEN is going to be a musical opening in October of 1998 in London at Queen's Theater in Shaftsbury Street. Robert Stigwood is the producer and I am ecstatic about that, just as ecstatic as I can be. In fact, all of this musical involvement--talking on Broadway to a major composer about maybe doing a musical, doing lyrics for the band Cowboy Mouth, seeing CRY TO HEAVEN at last become a musical--all of these things are like Triana in the novel VIOLIN--awakening to her musical self. It's funny, it's like the novel VIOLIN was a bit prophetic. It may be I'm coming out of my darkness and my grief to express things in a new, more triumphal fashion. Music is such a ratification and confirmation of life. Perhaps I'm through with requiems for a while. I don't know. I don't think so though.

Books I'm working on are as follows: Pandora, a vampire novel, which will be finished and published in, it's finished now and it will be published in March [cut off]"