Phone Message Transcript: September 24, 1997
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"September 24th,1996, no, 1997, excuse me. The Fan Club guys have given me an information number that you can call. It's 504-596-2208. I think that has info about the Fan Club ball and that sort of thing. If I get cut off, you can still leave me a message at the beep.

I just want to tell you that I watched a wonderful movie tonight called "The Devil's Own". It had Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, and was absolutely fabulous. The direction and the acting were wonderful. It was the best performance I've ever seen Brad Pitt do, ever, and of course it was another absolutely fabulous performance from Harrison Ford, who is just becoming some kind of a classic actor, with movie after movie. I recommend it highly. I also recommend "Flatliners". That's an older movie. If you have not seen it, definitely it's worth seeing.

Take care and love and thank you for praying for Dannion Brinkley. Last I heard he was doing very, very well. And I'll try to leave a longer message tomorrow. Leave me a message. Maybe it's a blessing for you to have a short message from me. And you leave me the longest you get in one minute. Take care and love. Bye."