Phone Message Transcript: September 8, 1997
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"Hi, it's September 8, 1997. I want to ask you all tonight to pray for Dannion Brinkley. Dannion Brinkley is a man who has had an enormous influence on my writing and probably and immense influence on people all over the world. He wrote a book called SAVED BY THE LIGHT, which is about a near death experience, that's been around for quite some time. And Dannion, Dannion was struck by lightning. He lives in Aiken, South Carolina and he came back from this near death experience with a very beautiful and uplifting and, how shall I say it, inspiring description of what waits for us after death. And Dannion has continued to be an inspiration for years. He wrote a second book, let's see, he wrote a second book AT PEACE IN THE LIGHT, and also there are tapes out that Dannion has made, THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, things like this, interviews that are floating around.

I want to ask you to pray for him. He's very sick tonight. He is suffering some bleeding in the brain and they're going to have to operate and the brain is swelling. If there is anybody in the world who's ready to face whatever is to come, it's Dannion Brinkley. But, pray for him. Just pray for him because, please, if you've ever heard of him, or just because I ask you, just pray. I don't understand how the Universe work.s I don't understand who made it or why. I don't understand sometimes what prayer is, except that it has to be a plea from our heart and what I want to ask of God is don't take Dannion yet. Let Dannion do more for us. We need him.

I had only just made contact myself a few days ago and asked to visit him in Aiken, South Carolina because I thought he was such a spiritual person, that he could give me insight into things that tormented me. I still believe that. But anyway, I just called and he's doing well and he gave me permission to put the word out on the line. He's very familiar. You've probably seen him. He's sort of red-haired, a large man. His story about the lightening was quite incredible. I think he was dead for twenty-three minutes or something like that. But he's devoted years of his life to hospice work. And that is really being with the dying fearlessly concerned to help them not fear death as they go right to the very finish.

Pray for him, please. I think we still need him. I don't know if everything is fixed or something can be changed. I'm just asking you to pray. His name is D-A-N-N-I-O-N B-R-I-N-K-L-E-Y. You can find his books in any book store. AT PEACE IN THE LIGHT and SAVED BY THE LIGHT. But nothing matches, really, the experience of seeing him on one of these videos because he is so convincing, and he is transformed. He was transformed by the experience.

Well, that's all I have to say. I want to ask you please to do that in whatever form you can. Pray for him, and Dannion has always been, since the very first experience, psychic. And he can see some indication in the room of the prayers people are offering. I'm not asking you to believe that or accept that, I'm just telling you what was told to me. And if there's anybody on earth I would believe who would tell me that, it would be Dannion Brinkley. If he says he sees light in the room, colors that indicate people praying for him, well I think, you know, that's good enough for me. And i will offer those prayers. God, you know, give us Dannion a little longer. We need him. Please

Thank you all for listening and I hope you will do this. It's, I've never asked anything like this before. Pray for Dannion Brinkley. Thank you very much."