Phone Message Transcript: September 5, 1997
[appearing on Anne's fan phone line]

"This is Anne Rice. It's September 5th, 1997 and, frankly, I am in terrible mourning for Lady Diana, Princess Diana. Our princess as much as the Britons princess, and I just wanted to say again how much I've appreciated all of your lovely messages about her. They comfort my heart because they mean that we as a nation recognize her generosity and her light. Her funeral coverage begins tonight, I believe, at 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 midnight, depending on where you live, East or Central, and I think I'll be up watching it. I sent roses to St. Paul's Cathedral. I don't know if they ever got there. I wish I could be there to stand in tribute to her. I think that her goodness, her openness, her generosity, her, how shall we say it, her youthful idealism will live on in Prince William and in Prince Harry.

I really don't want to speak of anything else. Except that we lost Mother Teresa today. So that was another terrible loss. I mean, both of these figures, Mother Teresa and Princess Di, were people who meant a lot to charity and to giving. They made an impact on everyone who truly believes that kindness and love matter more, perhaps, than anything else on earth.

During this week I and a couple members of my family and staff have been watching a lot of tapes of people who have had near death experiences, and those who nearly die, are resuscitated and come back to tell the tell, almost universally these people come back saying love is what matters. Kindness is what matters. Certainly Mother Teresa absolutely embodied that, and Lady Diana did her very best to see that she expressed that in every way that she could. Well, thank you for listening, and I'll change the message next week, I guess, but tonight all I can think about is our beautiful princess, our beloved princess and the wonderful life she brought to the house of Windsor. And this is it. Thank you for calling."