Brandy On New Orleans

Brandy Pigeon

Peyton 1 - Payton 0  ( But Don't Panic...Yet)

By Brandy Pigeon

The start of the 2007 NFL Season Opener between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, was eerily reminiscent of the Monday night game that reopened the Superdome one year ago. The live entertainment, the excitement of the crowd, the media blitz surrounding the event - it was all the same...BUT...this time it wasn't about Katrina, or the "comeback kids", or the city of hope; this time it was a welcome home party for the defending Superbowl Champions - the Indianapolis Colts. For a moment, it kind of made me feel sorry for the Atlanta Falcons, and what they endured in the Superdome that magical Monday night last September, because now we were the team on the wrong end of the celebration. This time, the Saints were the ones who couldn't catch a ball, much less a break. Things weren't out of control until the second half; but once the football gods decided it was the Colts night to bask in the spotlight, the hole the Saints were in got deeper and deeper, until finally the coffin lid on the game was nailed down for good. Last year's number one offense in the league looked bewildered, dumbfounded, and even downright ridiculous at times. Unfortunately, the defense was equally embarrassing, allowing 41 points to be scored.

Looking ahead to next week's game against Tampa Bay won't be that hard, because putting this game out of my mind is something I'm really  looking forward to doing. Not many experts in the football world picked the Saints to beat the Colts; but losing by 31 points wasn't what they saw in their crystal balls either. This was supposed to be a high scoring, close game according to was high scoring; but only for one team. I pray the team can bounce back from such an embarrassing loss on national television. Luckily, we're heading to Tampa Bay to play a Buccaneers team that doesn't have the weapons the Saints faced in Indy. If we lose in Tampa, then we can really start worrying; but for now there's no need to push the panic button. For now, we can chalk this one up to rust from the offseason, facing the best team in the league, nerves, karma, whatever. Whatever it takes to look ahead and forget tonight ever even happened. The team is 0-1; which is right where the majority of fans, experts, and pundits had us being at this point. Any loss is hard to take, and of course it's never fun to be humiliated on national television, but we Saints fans must forge ahead and hope the team can repeat the success they had last year. 

So for now, "Who Dats" everywhere will have have to suck it up, look ahead to what should be a great season, and pray that last year wasn't a fluke. It didn't feel like a felt real and it felt wonderful. It's a feeling Saints fans want back and I believe they'll give it back to us starting next week in Tampa. If the Deuce, Reggie, and Drew we love show up against the Bucs, we'll be 1-1 heading into the home opener against the Tennessee Titans in two weeks. And if there's one thing football fans know for sure, it's that nothing makes the pain of a loss go away faster than a win. I'm giving the Black and Gold the benefit of the doubt. I'm forgiving them for the egg they laid in Indy. I'm looking ahead to Tampa, and I'm guessing the team is doing the same. I'll definitely be avoiding ESPN and the NFL network for a couple of days; at least until Sunday when everyone else plays and they'll have a lot more game footage to dwell on. It was just one game, one out of sixteen. This wasn't our night, this was Peyton Manning's night. Luckily, the only way we'll have to face Peyton again is if we meet the Colts in the Superbowl - but that's a bridge we'll cross when we come to it... and I'm still optimistically believing, that come February, we'll come to that bridge.

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